Christmas Specials 

Price honored all year round

Prices shown are for Soft Fired Greenware only


25" Santa Claus by Klowns by Kay $15.00



25" Mrs. Claus by Klowns by Kay $15.00




12" Piddle, Fiddle and Twiddle Elves by Klowns by Kay all 3 for $20.00



Holiday Helper by Jan Garnett $20.00




Elfie by Jan Garnett $20.00

Elfie II by Jan Garnett $20.00




36" Mr. Claus by Rubert $25.00




34" Mrs. Claus by Rubert $25.00


Night Lights

White Porcelain Night Lights complete with bulbs and electrical components already assembled ready to plug into electric and turn on. $10.00 each plus shipping and handling.

Your choice of style. They can be china painted if
you wish to paint them.



3 different ornaments. The round yellow porcelain ornament is $5.00 plus shipping and handling.


The green porcelain heart shaped ornament is also $5.00 plus shipping and handling. These 2 both have the same picture on both sides of the ornaments.

The other 2 green porcelain ornaments are $4.00 each plus shipping and handling and only have a design on one side of them.




White Porcelain Bells. They do not have a clapper in them. They are $4.00
each plus shipping and handling